How to Play Domino QQ Online Gambling Correctly

How to Play Domino QQ Online Gambling Correctly

Good afternoon, back with us, this time we will discuss a little about one of the online gambling games that the public likes very much, namely Domino QQ. Surely you already know if the game uses 1 domino deck as a playing tool, and as the name suggests, Q Q or 9 9, in this game you must be able to get the number 9.

Of course, not only domino qq is in the online gambling game, but there are many other games that are interesting and also very exciting, but this time we will discuss a little about domino qq where you might be interested in trying it.

As the name suggests, domino qq is an online gambling game that uses a domino card deck, and how to play it is very easy. Where in one table usually consists of a maximum of 6 players with 1 dealer who is in charge of distributing cards and collecting bets.


Even though there is a dealer in the game, the player here must face other players to get the win. So at every single table there is only one winner, maybe the same as in Poker Holdem. But what distinguishes it in this domino qq is only 2 game stages, and that’s why the turnover of money in the game is quite fast.

For how to play it is actually very easy, players will get 4 cards to play and then arrange 2 cards each to add up the red dots / dots on the card. And the player who gets the largest number of numbers is the winner, and in this online gambling game the biggest number is 9.

For those who are curious about how to play, we will provide a brief explanation for you to be able to play domino qq correctly.

– Domino QQ uses 1 domino deck as a playing tool.
– The maximum number of players in one table is only 6 people, with a minimum of 2 people to start the game.
– There is one dealer who is only in charge of distributing cards.
– In the first round of the game, players will be given 3 cards first.
– Then the player must count the red dots / dots on the card to get a total of 9.
– How to count it is to only use 2 cards first of the 3 cards given to find the number 9.
– If you do not find the number 9, then the player is advised not to continue the game.
– If you want to continue the game, the player must increase the bet.
– In the second round, the dealer will deal one last card to the player.
– Players will then get 4 cards each.
– The last one card is paired to the previous 1 card to add up the red dots / dots.
– Then the player can return to the desired bet.
– The winner is the player who has the highest number value.